Get Vertical

Decades later, the voice of IBM’s Thomas J. Watson, Jr., has never been louder. Yes, good design is good business. Our longstanding clients remind us of this, and the world won’t let us forget it. At 50,000feet, we speak the language. We know the linchpins. We see how all the parts work together. And we help each client be seen as a different kind of company without being mistaken for a different industry. Strong branding is about subtle moves, and 50,000feet creates the kinds of communications that move people to shop, connect and share. From architecture and design to finance and wine, we bring insights to our clients that help them better understand themselves and reach new heights in doing so. To showcase the agency’s far-reaching experience in six verticals, we’ve launched a microsite that reflects our understanding of the technologies, demographics and competitive landscapes. We know the territory. And we’re there with our clients every step of the way. Enjoy.