Go Forth

At 50,000feet, we seldom recognize individual accomplishments above those of the team. But for every rule, there are exceptions. And Brandon Keelean is most certainly that. Three years ago, Brandon joined us after being selected from hundreds of applicants for our Summer internship program. From there, the rest is, well, history. It’s the sign of a great leader who helps enable others to achieve what might otherwise not have been possible, who takes the role of design thinker so seriously as to act not only as designer but also empath, strategist and big-picture dreamer. This Summer, Brandon leaves us to enter the Master of Design Program at the University of Michigan. He, in all of his endeavors, has made the world better by helping make all of us better. It’s this remarkable quality of Brandon’s that we’re sure is a sign of more remarkable things to come. We hope it’s true that you never forget your first job because we surely will never forget him.