What makes you different is what makes you great. Your voice, your style, what you dig and what you don’t. How you think, how you see things, how you move, who you are and what you do. Sharing these differences is what gives life more flavor and gives each of us our punch. 


50,000feet is honored to share that the Be the Differents integrated campaign—which was developed for American Licorice’s Sour Punch brand—received a Gold Award in this year’s Graphis Advertising Annual.


The Be the Differents campaign launched through a series of broadcast spots and social content aimed at helping audiences celebrate what makes them unique while appreciating what makes us different. Highlighting a range of young adults, the campaign is a platform for distinctive personalities, individuality, style and love for Sour Punch while celebrating diversity and making the world more flavorful.


This award recognizes the close collaboration between 50,000feet and American Licorice and their commitment to developing relevant creative content that connects with customers and inspires action.