Hear Ye, Interns

At 50,000feet, an intern is more than a designer looking for that perfect summer job. For one, you won’t be fetching our lattes.*

When we think of interns, we think of individuals with passion for what they do—people who want to learn by doing and fearless design minds who dwell in the details while seeing the big picture at the same time. Like any ordinary member of our culture, you should bring extraordinary talent.

You should come ready to dig in to agency life, working on pitches, partnering with clients and sometimes initiating your own side projects. Proficiency in the tools of design are a must, with preference given to designers with motion and digital experience capabilities.

Interns help us learn, too. By challenging your own thinking, you challenge ours. You will bring fresh energy and new perspectives and are gung-ho and wide-eyed, believing in the power of design to change the world. We invite you to jump feet first into projects, exercising and honing your skills while picking up new ones.

We’re looking for:

Someone with an explorer’s mindset.
You have a natural hunger to learn. We love people who are engaged with the world around them—people who read, absorb and participate in life to the fullest extent.

Someone who gets our mantra: Perspective is everything.
We help our clients imagine new ways of doing business, so our team needs to look at things from many different angles. If you are a polymath who can wear many hats, we’re the place for you.

Someone who enjoys a culture of “relaxed intensity”.
We take our work seriously—but not ourselves. Bring a good pair of headphones for those focused design sprints but know that we love the frequent, often impromptu brainstorm and critique as well.

Someone with attitude—not ego.
A great intern speaks up and has a point of view. You should be resourceful, seizing opportunities to lend a helping hand or a keen eye to make the best possible work product.

Does any of this sound like you? If so, email [email protected] with a link to your portfolio and resume. We’ll be in touch before March 15 to schedule interviews. Our decision will be announced on March 29, and the internship kicks off June 3.

*Unless you really really want to. Totally not required though.