As 50,000feet’s summer internship program reaches its final weeks, we congratulate and thank the students who have helped bring a new perspective to 50,000feet across three practice areas. Here, we share each of their unique backgrounds and interests as well as their experience at 50,000feet this summer.


Bence Szabados, Strategy


Bence is a junior at the University of Michigan. He is majoring in economics and minoring in business, and he is on the university’s swim team. Originally from Hungary, Bence moved to Chicago at a young age and is training for the 2024 Olympics with the goal of representing his home country. 


As our strategy intern, Bence has had the opportunity to work with clients across real estate, financial services and architecture and design. “Working with the strategy team has helped me hone my skills in research and the derivation of insights—both human- and product-related,” Bence said when explaining what his experience at 50,000feet has been like. “In addition, I have been able to work on my soft skills, such as communication and collaboration.” 


Outside of the office and school, you can find Bence playing Fifa, reading “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight, watching “Peaky Blinders” or enjoying his favorite foods, like his mom’s crepes with Nutella.


Drew Petereit, Client Service


Drew is a senior at Tulane University majoring in marketing and minoring in finance. At Tulane, she is a member of the American Marketing Association as well as Women Investing in Women, Tulane’s women's finance club. Inspired by a family of driven marketing and finance professionals, Drew loves to learn from both her peers and other professionals.


As our client service intern, Drew has been able to work on multiple project teams and interact with clients from the financial and professional services industries. “Supporting the client service team on various projects has allowed me to observe and participate in writing briefs, building budgets and managing project workflows,” Drew said when describing her favorite part of working at 50,000feet. ”It has been insightful to see how projects evolve from the earliest stages through to creative execution.” 


Drew’s excitement for new challenges and experiences carries over from the office to her personal life. She is a self-proclaimed extreme sports fan and outdoors enthusiast, enjoying running, hiking, fishing and snowboarding. When she is not trying a new hobby, you can find her reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn, swiping on Candy Crush or listening to Fleetwood Mac. Her favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner, and she settles for anything from Chick-Fil-A the rest of the year. 


Jeremy Paraan, Design


Jeremy is a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, earning a bachelor’s degree in design with a focus on branding. He hails from New Jersey and admits he likes the grass in the Jersey suburbs more than the concrete jungle. 


As our design intern, Jeremy has had the opportunity to work on brand identity explorations for clients. Jeremy is “comfortable getting uncomfortable” and likes to work on projects that require him to use many design approaches. Reflecting on his time so far with 50,000feet, Jeremy said, “It has been wonderful learning how to communicate in client meetings, receive feedback and adapt to team members’ styles and design approaches.” 


Outside of work, you can find him gardening, drawing or catching up on the Great British Baking Show. Jeremy loves listening to Jazz, R&B and NeoSoul music. Some of his favorite artists include Lauryn Hill, Anita Baker and Sarah Vaughan. While he enjoys cooking and trying new foods, he says nothing can beat his family’s homemade Filipino Adobo. 


While our summer internship program continues for a few more weeks, we are thankful for our time with Bence, Drew and Jeremy. We look forward to seeing all that they become—and everything they accomplish. 

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