The quality of our transactions is directly connected to keeping our lives running smoothly. And payments are only one part of the equation, as the quality of the customer experience becomes the driving force behind the success and longevity of consumer-brand relationships.
As the payments industry strives for faster innovation to launch new products ahead of competitors, PayThink provides insight from market participants and innovators leading the way. PayThink is the industry’s premier bank-focused payments forum with content covering the rapidly changing, inter-connected markets of debit, credit, mobile, prepaid and digital. This year’s conference will bring together a targeted network of industry executives from banks, credit unions, FinTech providers and other financial institutions, helping participants and attendees stay relevant in the ever-changing payments ecosystem.

Bridging the generational gap in the adoption of new payments platforms requires a laser-pointed approach to communicating and convincing users of the benefits of P2P. Education and inspiration play equal parts in bringing new believers into the fold, highlighting how digital P2P payments will evolve to support a wide range of use cases and how the payments landscape will change in the coming years. 50k Chief Strategy Officer Chris Prescher will speak on this topic and more at the PayThink conference in Los Angeles September 18–20, 2019. A creative technologist with more than 25 years of experience in the strategy behind and the design of integrated communications across industries, Chris leads the 50k Strategy team and acts as engagement lead for clients whose programs span all practice teams. He is a recognized expert in digital payments and oversees the development of the agency’s capabilities in product marketing and service design.

Joining the panel Taking Digital P2P Payments From Millennial to Mainstream, Chris is honored to share his perspective alongside other leaders in the payments space. Learn more about PayThink here.