Emerging, evolving and disrupting. In today’s brandscape, you need to be doing at least one of these to compete, which is why BrandSmart 2019 will focus on successful brands who’ve been paving the way for our changing industry. Please join us on May 9 for an incredible day of brand leaders, entrepreneurs, marketing executives, designers and more. Our panel, Human Experience Drives Brand Trust, will include marketers across industries as well as 50k’s own Jim Misener and Aaron Horowitz as moderators. 


While the things that make us fundamentally human might not have changed, the human experience certainly has. The connections we make with one another are more powerful and more fragmented than ever before thanks to rapid advancements in both design and technology. New ways of working and living have upended old conventions, shifting how we engage and the speed at which we exchange data, products and value. 



Human-centered brand experiences are the ones that win, making every moment of the consideration lifecycle an opportunity for delighting customers and building trust. Empowered by new tools and means for connecting, we often feel more isolated and overwhelmed by the onslaught of information. In this way, brands can become friends and advocates, helping consumers live their lives and make better sense of a complex world. If you believe in elevating the human experience, come to BrandSmart on May 9.