Miss you already

A whole summer came and went and not one foot rub from the intern. Rude.

Seriously though, Erick Morales is a great guy with a bright design future ahead of him. Here’s why:

1. Mom inspo. At the age of five, Erick moved to Chicago from Mexico with his family. An avid illustrator and artist, his mom would make drawings for Erick and taught him the power and joy that come from creative expression. He took up his pens and pencils and hasn’t looked back since.
2. Good schooling. Erick is moving and shaking at Columbia College, with a Graphic Design degree just around the bend. This fall, he’ll be helping the Photography department with promotional design as well as interning at a two-person design and illustration shop that specializes in hand-lettering.
3. Passion for making. Here at 50k, he’s been a much-welcome addition, designing newsletters and social media graphics. His enthusiasm for learning and doing was contagious (and even made some of us look bad). Beyond communications, Erick is a cyclist and builds his own bikes, applying the same rigor to putting all those parts together as he would a page composition.
4. Fans. Career counselor, family, fellow bikers and all of us at 50k. Erick’s got a lot of folks in his corner, and rightly so—because he’s amazing.
5. Leadership skillz. As an organizer of an underground biking group called Saturday Night Sprints, he steps up to the challenge of building community and rallying folks around a cause. Keep an eye out for this one. He’s already bringing good things to the world, and it’s only just the beginning. Thanks for a most excellent summer, Erick.