Picture It

We’re living in an age of “pics or it didn’t happen.” So much so that there’s an entire book devoted to photos that’ve been wiped from Instagram feeds for one reason or another. The documentation process is nothing new. We’ve long sought ways to capture both seemingly significant and insignificant moments in time—for posterity, for a future laugh or even for blackmail. We take photos to remember how we got from here to there and to soak in the details of an experience. In the case of Charlie Simokaitis, he does so with such apparent ease—but that’s how a master of his craft typically comes off. Charlie looks at 50k from a view familiar yet unexpected, having been an agency friend from the beginning. Most recently, he snapped team portraits for our website and shot footage for a brand strategy video series we’re calling Brandmaking. Thanks for your take on life at 50k, Charlie.