What you see is what you get—unless you’re an innovator, then what you see is what you improve. And sometimes, it’s what you don’t see that motivates you to invent. As a Community Partner for the Chicago Innovation Awards, we at 50,000feet not only push ourselves to adopt a disruptive vision, but we seek like minds who do the same. This summer, we’ve been sharing our space with WakeUp, a team of students who met while at Evanston Township High School and now attend universities across North America, including Stanford, NYU, McGill and Williams.


Recognizing both a need and opportunity in social media, the WakeUp team is developing a mobile app for a social network of change, uniting activists and mobilizing volunteers on issues that range from poverty and human rights to global warming and local elections. To help WakeUp reach its launch goal, we’ve offered guidance on web development, user experience, design, prototyping, testing, branding and messaging. While we hope the creative energy at 50,000feet has inspired the WakeUp team over the past few months, we can confidently say they’ve inspired and impressed ours—proof that innovation generates more innovation. To feel inspired or get involved, check out the WakeUp team’s GoFundMe page.