From pharmaceuticals and travel to automotive and fashion, Sappi offers sustainable paper products and solutions for nearly every industry in the world. To build market and mindshare among marketers, designers, printers and paper merchants, Sappi tasked 50,000feet with finding a way to bring relevancy and reach to their integrated marketing approach across their growing lines of business and industry-specific initiatives. 


Building on a decade-long partnership, 50,000feet collaborated with Sappi to develop Sappi On, a video series highlighting how the world’s largest maker of fine coated paper helps brands create memorable, multi-sensory experiences throughout the customer journey. By bringing the physical nature and qualities of paper to life, the series aims to inspire audiences with a digital emulation of sight, sound and touch while educating them on the technical aspects of paper specification. Through compelling visuals and messaging, each video captures the bold and imaginative wonder of Sappi’s brand and positions its paper solutions within a competitive and commodity-driven market—all with the design to drive awareness, engagement and sales. 


Watch the Sappi On series here