To amplify BBVA’s reputation in commercial payments, 50,000feet partnered with Mastercard to position BBVA at the forefront of innovation, developing a brand platform supported by a robust suite of digital, print and interactive applications, including sales enablement, an animated video series and ROI calculator. Simply Makes Sense helped establish the foundation for BBVA Compass Spend Net’s identity, messaging and visual presentation to enable cohesive and consistent expression across applications.


Our team’s strategy placed an emphasis on streamlined, efficient and flexible selling, which supported larger marketing planning efforts and helped introduce the brand to both new and existing customers as a solution-led bundled offering. The online experience was designed to build awareness of and engagement with Spend Net Commercial Payment Solutions, employing a UX strategy that drives requests for more information, captures qualified leads throughout the site and utilizes interactive tools to help users visualize the compound effects of their Accounts Payable decisions. The entire program speaks to BBVA’s leadership in the category, positioning the brand and its solutions for future success. 


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