WARC, a leader in recognizing marketing best practices and insights from the world’s most preeminent brands, has featured a case study highlighting the success of 50,000feet’s work with BBVA. 50,000feet, in partnership with Mastercard, worked with BBVA to drive significant growth in the highly commoditized U.S. market by developing a consistent brand expression and robust sales enablement process within the bank’s commercial payments division. To date, BBVA has seen a 40% increase in commercial applications, a 100% increase in payment volume in one year and a 200% increase in existing banking customers who also enrolled in commercial payments.


WARC serves more than 1,200 companies and 100 markets. Their work has appeared on the BBC, Campaign, CNBC, Forbes and The New York Times.


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Challenge + Business Objectives: What was the background to the campaign and what was the brand hoping to achieve? e.g. launch new product, raise awareness, increase sales)

To amplify BBVA’s reputation in commercial payments, 50,000feet partnered with Mastercard to position BBVA at the forefront of innovation, developing a platform supported by brand, messaging and sales enablement strategy and a robust suite of digital, print and interactive applications, including an animated video series and ROI calculator.


As BBVA’s Commercial Payments and Payables focused its efforts on driving significant growth in the U.S. alongside investment in and expansion of their U.S. markets, the global financial leader faced the challenges of competing in a highly commoditized market without a consistent brand expression nor the benefit of a sales enablement process to support their sales team. We helped BBVA deliver a clear and compelling competitive message and equipped their sales team efforts through the strategy, content and tools required to perform at scale.


Insight: What research, either internal or external, helped to inform the strategy, e.g. what did you discover in focus groups or from research reports that steered you towards a solution?

50,000feet developed a strategic marketing approach through qualitative and quantitative market and brand research that focused on the state of the commercial banking market as well as how best to design a streamlined and adaptable approach to the commercial payment sales process. This focus on sales enablement supported broader marketing planning efforts and helped introduce the brand to both new and existing customers as a solution-led bundled offering.


Solution: What was the strategy?

50,000feet developed a strategic brand positioning and messaging framework for BBVA through a collaborative and rigorous process. We then created a fully integrated brand strategy and sales enablement plan along with supporting content to bring their marketing program to life. We developed a brand platform that helped establish the foundation for BBVA Commercial Payments and Payables identity as well as messaging and visual presentation to enable cohesive and consistent expression across applications. Marketing content and experiences spanned digital, video and print for BBVA’s 300+ sales organization and interactive tools such as an ROI calculator.


Execution: How was the strategy executed?

50,000feet’s strategy-led marketing program included a full suite of brand marketing communications across markets, audiences, platforms, channels and media.


BBVA Compass Spend Net

50,000feet helped BBVA Compass launch Spend Net to deliver greater value and transform accounts payable. We developed the brand platform to drive BBVA Compass’ vision, establishing a foundation for the organization’s identity, messaging and visual presentation.


Brand Style Guide

The guidelines offer practical advice, general suggestions and specific rules for usage of brand identity, color palette, illustration style and tone of voice, ensuring that the BBVA Compass Spend Net brand maintains its integrity across applications.


Marketing Communications

50,000feet created a modular suite of sales enablement tools with an emphasis on streamlined, efficient and flexible selling. The conception and design of materials supported our larger marketing planning efforts, introducing the brand to both new and existing customers as a solution-led bundled offering.



Our Spend Net Commercial Payment Solutions web design employs a UX strategy accounting for interactive resources and tools that drive requests for more information and capture qualified leads throughout the site.


BBVA Product Videos

50,000feet brought Spend Net Commercial Payment Solutions to life through an illustrated video series. With an overview video that captures the full spectrum of solutions along with supporting product-level vignettes, we told a relevant, scalable value story across three parts.


ROI Calculator

50,000feet developed a tool that calculates the savings generated by moving from checks to card payments. By visualizing the compound effects of certain decisions that customers make in accounts payable processes, we were able to help customers understand the benefits of BBVA Compass’s holistic solutions.


Results: Please list as many results as you can that demonstrate the success of this campaign (e.g. sales effectiveness, ROI, brand awareness)

Through a collaborative and accelerated process, 50,000feet helped to identify strengths and opportunities for the BBVA business and brand, revealed gaps in their marketing funnel framework and provided an adaptable, performance-focused, go-to-market solution that helped BBVA from building awareness and lead generation to direct selling through post-sale supporting. 


As a result of this program, BBVA has seen tremendous return on investment.


  • 40% increase in commercial applications
  • 100% increase in payment volume in one year
  • 200% increase in existing banking customers who also enrolled in commercial payments