You Have Arrived

Where you work should inspire what you do. And where you live should inspire how you do it—especially if that’s Chicago (in our humble opinion). So, when Irvine Company asked us to brand their downtown Chicago towers, The Chicago Collection, we let the City That Works speak for itself.

One way we did that was by creating custom tour experiences for the Collection’s office suites, drawing on the unique arts, culture, architecture and energy of each building’s landmark location. We created a video series to capture the speed, grace, power and grit of Chicago through three commuters: driver, train-rider and cyclist. Projected on screens throughout the suite, the videos showcase Chicago’s beauty and complexity as well as the ambition and sophistication of the professionals as they travel from home to the heart of the city and the stunning face of their building. No matter how you get there, what’s clear is this: here, you’re among the world’s best. Here, you’re connected to the city. Here, you have arrived.