Sales Enablement

Salespeople are natural-born storytellers. But to do their best work, they first need a powerful story to tell.

In practice, this begins with a discovery process aimed at generating a detailed, customer-led (vs. product-led) narrative—which drives the creation of an organization-wide messaging framework and design standards.

Salespeople spend an average of 40% of their time developing content.


Organizations that lack a defined sales enablement program face many different challenges that impact their bottom line. When sales isn’t meeting expectations, there’s usually a tie back to sales enablement.


Misalignment between sales and marketing regarding relevant customer content


Marketing is generating awareness and lead generation, but sales can’t close the deal


Lack of engaging interactions with customers


Prolonged sales cycles as sales tries to find what resonates with the customer


Consensus-driven sales cycle with many different stakeholders/opinions


Lack of training and content clarity

84% of salespeople can achieve their quotas when engaging with available sales enablement strategies.


A cohesive sales enablement strategy can allow your team to work smarter, not harder.

Sales Readiness

Being better prepared is critical to move potential customers down the funnel quicker.




By aligning and working together, marketing can provide sales the right content they need that customers are asking for.




Creating a set of standards for how you go-to-market will help streamline how you sell and improve how customers perceive your organization.




Once standardized, scaling across the organization becomes easier, and maximizes your sales team’s abilities.



Shortened Sales Cycle

An effective program will shorten the sales cycle and enable your team to close deals sooner.



Sales Engagement and Retention

Defined programs and toolsets help keep sales teams engaged and increase their ability to hit their goals. Feeling a sense of accomplishment results in greater job satisfaction.



Evergreen Materials

The ability to use familiar materials across all prospective clients can help sales teams move quicker after identifying a lead.

Barrier Removal

Utilizing best practices and empowering teams with the information that customers are interested in, breaks down barriers in the sales process.


25% of B2B marketing budgets are spent creating content, but 70% of it is not used by sales.

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