Talent Acquisitions

When courting high-quality candidates, taking a page from your sales and marketing playbook can pay untold dividends.

Employer messaging frameworks. Video for social. On-campus activations. With the proper marketing tools, your organization can win the talent you need without competing solely on benefits, compensation or other perks.

Brands with poor company branding pay 10% higher salaries.


Many of the most compelling reasons for joining an organization—a thriving culture, challenging yet satisfying work, inspiring colleagues, meritocratic atmosphere—are also the most difficult to bring to life in a clear and concise manner.


Determining the positioning for your employer brand.


Defining overall value proposition and messaging pillars.


Conducting research to gain a clearer understanding of your current perception in the marketplace.


Developing high-impact, on-campus recruitment activations to drive awareness.


Helping undergraduates and graduates unfamiliar with your industry understand how it dovetails with their skills and interests.


Bringing the gap between departments (e.g., HR, marketing) with different processes and strategies in play.

69% of employers are working on employer branding strategies with their marketing teams.


The ability to attract strong talent is about more simply than filling open positions and supporting growth. It also plays a critical role in retaining your existing high-performers, who place exceptionally high value in the calibre of their colleagues.

Unlock Growth

Get the best people in your most difficult-to-fill positions to remove the operational bottlenecks holding you back.


Drive Innovation

Attack the high-caliber, highly skilled professionals need to create the next big thing.



Improve Diversity

Welcome people from all backgrounds to foster a richer culture with a wider range of perspectives.

Deepen Expertise

Lure high-performers and industry experts away from competitors to gain an edge.


Improve Negotiations

A larger pool of qualified applicants to choose from gives you greater leverage when negotiating compensation.


Improve Retention

Surround your existing employees with brilliant, positive and driven people to build strong teams.

84% of employees would be willing to leave a current position for an organization with a better reputation.

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