Brand Platform

50,000feet provided creative strategy to develop an extensible, compelling platform, working closely with the Abbott team to create positioning that mapped to the brand’s vision for a more connected, global future.


50,000feet designed an integrated advertising campaign that incorporated the brand’s new visual style and highlighted the company’s spirit of innovation, global footprint and commitment to improving lives.


In updating Abbott’s visual brand language, 50,000feet curated photography to convey the humanity of the brand’s mission, capturing everyday moments and reinforcing a connection to people’s lives around the world.

Executive Communications

With team around the globe, Abbott needed consistent executive communications that would empower employees to see themselves and their customers in Abbott’s brand expression. Creating branded brochures and presentations in both print and digital, 50,000feet helped ensure that the Abbott message was conveyed clearly across channels and media.

Brand Microsite

To help introduce Abbott’s new brand platform, 50,000feet created a microsite to share the brand story in a dynamic, user friendly way, raising awareness of Abbott’s impact, core values and capabilities.

Abbott World Employee Intranet

50,000feet partnered with Abbott to reimagine the employee intranet. Leading the brand and user experience design, 50,000feet created a more exciting, efficient user flow that included customized and personalized content feeds as well as flexible and scalable content management. The new portal helped lay the groundwork for expanded collaboration and social networking across the entire organization.

Abbott World Training Microsite

50,000feet created a training microsite designed to introduce employees to the new intranet, educating them on its new functions and capabilities.

St. Jude Acquisition Employee Engagement

In welcoming St. Jude into the Abbott family, Abbott had the opportunity to inspire new audiences by sharing their mission, vision and values in a compelling way. As part of this effort, 50,000feet developed a series of corporate communications that conveyed the powerful and inclusive Abbott brand story.

HCP Toolkit

50,000feet created an interactive content toolkit that shared how Abbott’s legacy is carried forward in its ongoing cardiovascular innovations. By offering teams and partners content tools, we were able to help educate and inspire audiences about the brand’s bold vision for the future.


50,000feet developed a branded system to telegraph Abbott’s growing portfolio of innovative brands and its forward-thinking approach to bringing new healthcare solutions to the world’s populations. The language is playful and conversational, and the imagery feels technological yet human. The system was designed to extend to and help integrate new acquisitions as well.