Archer Hotel


Build a destination brand—from the ground up.

Amenities determine who your competition is—but brand determines who wins. When premier hospitality developer LodgeWorks prepared to launch its latest boutique hotel in historic Midtown Manhattan, 50,000feet was tapped to develop a complete brand identity for the property. The result was Archer Hotel: as much a place to rest as a place to explore.


To help LodgeWorks launch its boutique Archer brand, we created an identity system to work across all locations, reflecting an upscale look while allowing room for local touches. For us, Archer became our curator, a well-heeled and well-traveled patron who enjoys life’s finer things, from New York to Napa. With the logomark, typographic guidelines, brand voice, a suite of media applications and more, we made it clear that Archer offers the best of whatever city you happen to frequent.

Design System

For the launch of Archer Hotel New York, we tapped into the creative soul of Midtown Manhattan’s Garment District, paying homage to the very nature of the neighborhood with design elements marked by industrial elegance. From stationery and business cards to the monogram and guest experience, we made sure every touchpoint reinforced the Archer identity: luxury personified.

Print Collateral

To support Archer Hotel New York’s anticipated arrival, we designed a collection of cards, or plates, that introduced Manhattan’s newest property to prospective partners and guests. The cards detailed the Archer experience inside and out, giving a nod to its Midtown neighborhood while providing a first look at Archer’s well-tailored rooms, designed with signature materials and artwork. The invitation to join Archer’s inner circle is true to the warmth of Archer’s personality—and the wit, charm and casual cool translate through the design’s confident elegance.

Integrated Campaign

The buzz surrounding the opening of Archer Hotel New York was well-earned—after all, everyone was intrigued by Midtown’s latest character. To help spread the word even further, we crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy targeting industry insiders, neighborhood partners and affluent travelers with communications that spanned digital, print and social. The integrated campaign reached Archer’s inner circle through messaging inspired and informed directly by the personality of Midtown Manhattan.

Digital Experience

There is a lot to be said of Archer. From exquisite dining by Chef David Burke to guestrooms replete with five-star bedding and amenities, a stay here is sure to be one-of-a-kind. To communicate every detail, we concepted and designed an online experience that maps to the in-person one, allowing travelers to locate, browse and book seamlessly across multiple platforms. The design pairs full-screen, black-and-white photography with classic typography to capture the spirit of Midtown and deliver omni-channel ease.

Guest Experience

Archer Hotel is certainly more than the sum of its parts. To communicate Archer’s narrative to maximum effect, we wove it into every touchpoint of the guest journey. The story is one of personal luxury, service and all the little details that matter most to the discerning traveler. From the soft-touch keycard jacket to the welcome note paired with sea-salt caramels in-room; from playing cards with timeless tips to bookmarks placed in favorite reads—there are surprises around every corner sure to delight the senses.