Grace Management

Real Estate + Hospitality

Elevate the experience by inviting audiences on a journey.

More than three decades and 50+ communities later, Grace Management has become known for elevating the quality of senior living experiences across the U.S. As the landscape changes and demand grows, 50,000feet works with Grace Management to highlight how the brand meets and exceeds the needs of residents and their families.

Reinforcing Grace Management’s reputation as a trusted name in senior living, 50,000feet developed a new corporate logo and identity system that translates the attributes and values of the Grace Management brand, enhances its positioning and distinguishes the company from competitors.

Community Identities

50,000feet designed and developed an ownable, recognizable and consistent experience that would help drive positive interactions with the brand and its communities. Capturing the attributes that Grace Management’s communities are known for, the system enables each location to maintain its individuality while creating a scalable system for both existing and new communities in the portfolio.

Every element builds upon each other, working together as a holistic system that telegraphs the Grace Management brand, culture and values. Color was carefully considered, utilizing a distinctive approach to build out palettes that speak to the aesthetic sensibilities and design trends of each region where Grace Management operates.

50,000feet selected a complementary modern serif along with a legible, friendly sans serif, catering to target audiences while elevating the visual expression for Grace Management and its family of communities.

Brand Video

Video is perhaps the most effective way to humanize a brand and paint a relatable picture of the customer experience. With personal testimonials, 50,000feet further validated Grace Management’s position in the marketplace, capturing firsthand experiences of the exceptional care offered and received at Grace Management communities. Beautifully shot by Charlie Simokaitis and art directed by 50,000feet, the videos bring the brand to life and add a new dimension to its incredible leadership.

The first point of difference is the message that Grace Management’s digital experience sends. A content-rich homepage delivers a strong brand message while driving to communities, showing the scale and reach of the company while also helping attract the best, most-qualified team. 50,000feet conducted stakeholder interviews, competitive audits and landscape research to develop a differentiated content strategy, driving awareness and recall among residential and employee leads.

50,000feet wanted to highlight the qualities and values of the people and teams who make each community a fulfilling, best-in-class place to work and live. 50,000feet conducted extensive research to drive consistency and efficiency yet empower each community to feel represented in their own unique ways. 50k put the customer experience at the heart of each and every website, which totaled more than three dozen communities across the U.S. We leveraged Drupal to power the content management process, enabling communities to maintain their custom content.

Keeping a simple, straightforward user experience top-of-mind, 50,000feet designed and developed the communities’ digital footprint to acknowledge the inherent complexity of decisions surrounding new phases of life. Clear messaging and calls-to-action along with relevant information for prospective and existing residents help position Grace Management as a real partner through the process.