Room to Invent

Despite being the world's largest appliance company, China-based Haier faced a crowded U.S. market with decades-old incumbents. As Agency of Record, 50,000feet set about the process of transforming Haier into a relevant, approachable brand for urban-dwelling Millennials.


To help the world’s largest appliance manufacturer gain a leadership position in the US, our team repositioned the brand across businesses and categories, developed a brand strategy and mobile-first, omni-channel retail program.


As Agency of Record, 50,000feet set about the process of transforming Haier into a relevant, approachable brand for urban-dwelling Millennials. Welcome to America.


  • Supported Haier’s product innovation strategy for the US.
  • Refocused effort on higher margin products while creating more opportunity for multi-product sales (bundled selling, cross sell and upsell).
  • Repositioned as a whole home provider. Rationalized Haier's proposition into GE’s product portfolio as a mass premium offering for Millennials.

Brand Vision

Just as no two people are alike, neither are two homes—because with every space comes new possibilities and with every person, new preferences. Haier’s modern whole-home solutions are designed to fit the unique shapes of emerging consumers’ lives. To capture that, we built Haier America’s relaunch around Room to Invent, highlighting the many ways Haier helps make a home, yours.

Digital Experience

Modern appliances deserve a modern experience. From concept and content to design and development, we crafted the Haier America website to reflect the dynamics of everyday life, balancing easy-to-access product information and editorial content with vibrant lifestyle photography for a friendly (and fun) omni-channel experience.

Choose your fridge, design your skin, chill your stuff. With Haier, customizing your compact fridge is easy, and the e-Commerce experience certainly helps. We concepted and developed a interactive platform that puts power in consumers’ hands, helping them exercise their creative freedom while the site takes care of the rest, from order placed to package arrived.

Freak Your Fridge Mobile Experience

The web application’s responsive UI gives consumers a consistent look and feel and a convenient shopping experience across devices. Tap, swipe, customize.

Brand Identity

Look and feel. Tone and voice. Messaging and style. We helped Haier America define and articulate the brand at every touchpoint, inside and out. And we created an identity guide to help the brand establish standards across all communications—in-person, in-print and online.


Vibrant lifestyles and modern appliances are at the core of Haier’s brand. To help Haier show and tell its story, we developed compelling product narratives and art directed photography to give Haier an image library ready for use across media.

Print Collateral

Haier is going places: specifically, to new markets, new categories and new audiences. To introduce the company to US consumers—and even more parts of the home—we concepted, wrote and designed communications to unpack the Haier brand story while putting its sleek, modern products on fresh display.

Brand Brochure Structure

Surprise: it’s in Haier’s DNA. As Haier expands its place in the American marketplace, it aims to surprise consumers with the nuances of its products and the possibilities these products offer for reinventing space that we all call home.

Kitchen Living Microsite

To showcase the range of kitchen solutions Haier brings to the table, we created a microsite that puts the kitchen at the center of the home—and Haier at the center of all things kitchen. Targeting consumers and trade partners, the site demonstrates the incredible role Haier plays in elevating kitchens across the US.

Ductless Air Microsite

Enjoy greater control and efficiency—minus the intrusiveness and expense of ductwork. Haier’s ductless air systems saw an uptick in specification across the US and for good reason. To educate consumers and trade partners, we created a microsite and companion brochure to convey the possibilities and benefits of going ductless.

Serenity Series Campaign

The quietest window AC on the market, Haier’s Serenity Series is worth making some noise about. From print collateral to digital advertising to microsite development, 50,000feet and Haier teamed up to get the word out.

Infrared Heater Packaging

Haier’s line of infrared heaters combines warmth, safety and style to make comfortable spaces even cozier. 50,000feet led the charge on a packaging system that extends across the line of heaters to convey a sense of comfort and confidence.