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Modern always

To tell one of the world’s greatest design stories, language is only the beginning. Home to an unrivaled collection of furnishings, textiles and office design systems, Knoll often turns to 50k for creative that mirrors its own modernist sensibilities. In paying homage to the milestones of its past, we reveal the timeless visionary that Knoll is.


As a pioneer of the modern workplace, Knoll has partnered with 50,000feet for more than a decade to share its unique story and to express the company's unwavering commitment to design excellence. Since its founding more than 80 years ago, today Knoll is a constellation of design-driven brands, working together with their clients to create inspired modern interiors. Recent acquisitions have added depth and breadth to Knoll's collection of products, services and capabilities, which has strengthened the company's ability to serve new markets, geographies, channels and segments with an internationally recognized portfolio that includes furnishings, textiles, leather, lighting, accessories and architectural and acoustical elements.


Through the development of naming systems, strategic messaging, global brand platforms and integrated and immersive campaigns, 50,000feet has helped Knoll position its constellation of brands with distributors, design professionals and consumers in relevant and engaging ways across channels, media and platforms. Our team has supported a range of Knoll businesses, including Knoll Office, KnollStudio, KnollTextiles, Spinneyback and Edelman Leather, with a consistent focus on strengthening the positioning of their brands in their respective categories while driving greater engagement and sales.


Building on the insight that design-driven brands consistently and significantly outperform their industry peers, 50,000feet has helped Knoll deliver memorable and compelling brand expression, strategic messaging and campaigns that deliver on the vision and purpose of the Knoll brand. Our work for Knoll's 75th anniversary continues to provide the foundation for the company's global brand platform, upon which the global leader in inspired modern interiors continues to build momentum and perform beautifully. Our partnership with Knoll relies on a shared vision for what design can do as well as a depth of understanding of the workplace and home interiors industry and our recognized commitment to and leadership in design excellence.

Modern. In the Classic Sense.

By pairing modernist classics by Eero Saarinen and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe with bold, new collections by D’Urso, Jehs+Laub and Shelton Mindel, we worked with Knoll to develop Modern. In the Classic Sense. This integrated print, online and mobile campaign featured emblematic photography by Ilan Rubin and reaffirmed Knoll’s consistent position as a leader in modernism and design.


As part of the Modern. In the Classic Sense. campaign, we created the Find Inspiration microsite, where architects, interior designers and consumers could view a range of photography pairing new and classic pieces in situ—encouraging exploration.

75th Anniversary Campaign

To celebrate 75 years of pioneering design, we helped Knoll tell its timeless story with the debut of Modern Always. From concept and strategy to messaging and media planning, the integrated campaign captured notable moments since day one. Appearing in publications including the New York Times T Magazine, Architectural Digest, Dwell and Interior Design, the campaign invited design professionals and their clients to explore a freshly relaunched


As a nod to Knoll’s rich history and vibrant future, we created a campaign that coupled Knoll designers of now with those who architected the way. Pairs included Rem Koolhaas and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; Principals Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger with Eero Saarinen and Florence Knoll; and KnollTextiles Creative Director Dorothy Cosonas with Florence Knoll. Ads appeared in publications including Architectural Digest, Artforum and Monocle.

Modern Always Campaign

For Knoll, whether it’s a look back at its iconic designs or a current look at its contemporary work, one word comes to mind: enduring. After much success, Modern Always has come to embody Knoll’s entire brand story—past, present and future.

Modern Always Campaign

In shaping this story, we drew inspiration from what remained true of Knoll—then, now and always. Always timeless. Always true. Always Knoll.

KnollTextiles Advertising Campaign

Founded in 1947, KnollTextiles was the first company to design textiles for the commercial interior professional. Now, it’s one of the largest textile suppliers in North America, setting the industry benchmark. To engage a new generation of designers, we developed the integrated campaign So Happy. Together., weaving past and present and capturing it all with the iconic photography of Ilan Rubin.

Social Media Strategy

In its boldest and most innovative forms, social media has helped shape opportunity from possibility, creating new ways to connect and communicate. We collaborated with Knoll to present A Third Place: Designing an Approach to Social Media at the Knoll Chicago Showroom to share an overview of social media trends and explore how it changes the way we live, work, design and think.