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When it comes to attracting customers, it’s always a two-way conversation.

To succeed in the mobile phone market, you need to get people talking. Our work with the global telecommunications giant and mobile phone pioneer started as an effort to integrate Motorola’s global point-of-sale materials and became a global partnership that has endured for more than a decade. From the original MOTO RAZR to today's latest devices, 50,000feet has brought Motorola's cutting-edge technology to life across channels—be it broadcast, digital or retail. Motorola understand that their solutions are not designed around the technology that powers them but rather around the people whom they empower. As devices continue to reach new heights, Motorola has trusted us to help make connections with their customers and to ensure that everything is grounded in the human experience.


When we helped Motorola launch its Droid Maxx smartphone, we created a campaign that translated the device’s technology into real-life moments—specifically more of them. What can you do with 48 hours of battery life, turbocharge power top-ups and a camera with more detail than full HD? Try two days, without limits.


Launching the Droid Maxx smartphone in Brazil’s two most affluent markets (São Paulo and Rio de Janiero) presented an interesting challenge. Not only would casting and locations need to feel relevant to the region, but subtleties like wardrobe, decor and activities would need to mirror affluence in Brazilian society. While these nuances gave the campaign local flavor, Droid Maxx technology powered creative, helping consumers get more out of every day.

Global POS Guidelines

Consistency first. Consistency second. Consistency always. To help Motorola align and communicate its POS brand on a global scale, we created guidelines that delivered a consistency constant. From logotype usage and print layouts to imagery and brand voice, we helped Motorola strike the right cord across all platforms, channels and media.

MotoBob Comic Strip

To introduce the world’s first eyewear that streams digital music, we introduced Bob. Meet Bob. Bob is energized because he’s wearing O ROKR™ sunglasses, where the High Definition Optics® of Oakley® pair with the leading Bluetooth® technology of Motorola. When you can wirelessly stream music from your phone and handle calls hands-free, you’ll feel energized too—like Bob.

Brand Photography

Warp speed. Crystal clarity. Chic style. And a cutting edge, extra sharp. To communicate the high-tech of Motorola’s handhelds, we directed a high-fashion photo shoot that personified key features and elevated the brand look and feel to a plane that matched its level of innovation.

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