RHR International

Professional Services

RHR International has been a premier curator and purveyor of business expertise for more than 70 years, helping countless companies prepare their executives and boards to succeed and transforming countless lives for the better. Fittingly, these intellectual heavyweights turned to 50,000feet for help in sharpening their branding and telling a critical success story—their own.


Breaking out of RHR’s more-traditional associations and symbolizing movement and forward-thinking, the new identity for RHR is simple in its execution, representing the multi-faceted nature of the important work that the company does for its clients. The mark itself utilizes several values of a rich red while the extended color palette is vivid, bold and energetic.

Identity System and Print Collateral

A brand’s identity is often a reflection of its heritage, a symbol of its longevity and trustworthiness. But there come times when reinvention is necessary, which is why RHR tapped 50k to help reposition the brand through compelling, updated materials that would reaffirm the company’s relevance and position in the marketplace.


Credible. Confident. Professional. The clean, bold design of RHR’s website gives you a good idea of how this company sees itself. Look a bit closer, read some of the text, and you can see why—this is a group that moves the business world through the precise application of knowledge. Creating the site’s look, feel and content was a natural for 50,000feet, because we understand the expert mindset.