Setting the standard.

Once you become the industry leader, the real work begins. For designers and printers the world over, Sappi sets the standard for fine coated paper. Through integrated campaigns, creative strategy, educational materials, online tools and more (delivered via print and digital channels, of course), we help Sappi tell its story.

Digital Papers Launch Campaign

To tell the full story of Sappi Digital Papers—Opus DX, McCoy and Flo—and celebrate the launch of the game-changing Opus DX cross-platform paper, we built a campaign around the family of digital papers, concepting and designing a set of swatchbooks to illustrate how certain paper grades meet specific project needs. Through a concerted effort of craft, design, technology and messaging, we made one thing very clear: the real difference is Sappi.


To usher in an all-new look for Sappi Digital Papers, 50k directed cover illustrations and accompanying interior patterns by Santtu Mustonen, a New York-based artist working in textural 3-D renderings.


The books also feature commissioned photography by Amanda Jasnowski, whose fresh eye brings a unique energy to the brand. Containing multiple looseleaf print demonstrations across device and finish, the swatchbooks not only act as useful tools in paper selection but also tell each grade’s story through palette and composition.


We created promotional postcards for each paper grade and packaged these, along with the three books, in a custom case we designed for the suite of launch materials.

Surface Case Study

Sappi Digital Papers push the boundaries of printing like you’ve never seen before—and we push the boundaries of McCoy in this 52-page promotional sample we call Surface. Featuring work by artists Akatre, Mario Hugo, Geoff Kern and Tom Darracott, among others, the sample demonstrates that the printing possibilities with McCoy digital papers are indeed bottomless.

Content Strategy

Surface’s interior offers exploded-view process stories and detailed production notes to explain how each work was achieved. The takeaway is that the possibilities are limitless, shaped by the designer’s imagination and matched with a true innovator in offset and digital printing.

Sappi etc. Launch

Education, training, consulting and more—that’s what creatives, printers and designers alike can expect to find at Sappi etc. As part of our efforts to help Sappi launch this online repository for all things past, present and future, we created a brandmark to fit the company’s latest online identity. A ring of steadily evolving geometric shapes represents Sappi’s technological progression, from the circular dot of traditional printing to the square pixel of modern digital imaging, underscoring the company’s leadership in both worlds.

Sappi etc. Identity System

Positioned at the hub of the company’s evolution, Sappi etc. stands for the collective skill and wisdom gathered through decades of experience. Our team created a comprehensive system around this signature, carrying the Sappi message through every touchpoint—from letterhead and business cards to company publications.

User Portal

Sappi wanted its etc. site primed to support both topical browsing and targeted keyword searching—so we did front- and back-end development to make that, and more, possible. Users can sort results by list or gallery. They can shelve complete selections or individual pages to read later or share now via social media. They can download PDFs, watch the latest videos, browse event calendars and curate a personal library. In short, we created a site to support different user needs, speeds, styles and preferences, with Sappi at the heart of an inspirational experience.


To bring the Sappi etc. campaign full circle, and to more people, we concepted and created a direct mail series that reflects the site’s messaging and the portal’s capabilities. Each postcard highlights the duality of Sappi etc., juxtaposing traditional features with modern, digital functionality. For instance: Sustainability—searchability. Offset—online. Binding—blog. The tagline Learn Something New. Every Day. inspires audiences and directs them to the source—site.

Poster Series

For more than a century, Sappi has been setting the standard for the future. To honor Sappi’s heritage and celebrate its refreshed digital presence, we created a poster series showcasing collected works from Warren Standards, where setting the standard began. Targeted messaging encouraged audiences to visit Sappi etc. to explore the archive and take away new inspiration.


Through a print and digital campaign driven by Learn Something New. Every Day., we promoted the Sappi etc. site launch—and created a framework that could easily adapt across channels and platforms. With placement in trade and design publications, in-print and online, the ads let audiences know where they could access the latest industry insights and historical collections.

The Reflected Works

When Sappi approached 50k to think through how to reintroduce their recently unsurfaced archives, the team jumped at the opportunity to honor the paper company’s rich heritage. Having designed and developed Sappi’s education, training and consulting website, Sappi etc., 50k created a new space online for the archives called The Reflected Works, which features optical character recognition so every word on every page would be fully searchable.

Print Promotion

The collection launched at the 27th Veritiv Paper Show with a print promotion that featured curated photographs and samples from the collection printed over a chrome silver ink flood—broken up into three booklets across Advertising, Promotion and Education. By looking back through the pages, there is a deeper understanding of the power of print, reminding audiences that paper endures and is a part of everyday life.

Sappi Digital Design Center

To help Sappi introduce more printers and merchants (and their customers) to its digital papers, we launched the Sappi Digital Design Center. This online experience lets users customize sales tools to educate their customers on the power of digital printing. Select a theme. Pick a vertical. Shape your messaging. From concept and design to front- and back-end development, we created the site to deliver a memorable and personalized experience from start to print.

Image Portfolios

First impressions are important, especially when it comes to print quality. Color, image, contrast, balance—a single glance is all a decision takes. To help printers and merchants impress their customers with digital printing, we worked with Friend+Johnson to curate a photo library for the Sappi Digital Design Center. Covering verticals from cars to fashion and travel to dining, the images are artful, expressive, relevant and—most important—user’s choice.


With its Digital Design Center, Sappi gives printers and merchants the driver’s seat—but it was our job to get them there. We created a direct mail series to rev up interest, educate audiences and steer them to the action.