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Consumer electronic brands are fiercely tribal—seeing who else is using a product often matters as much as the product itself. As one of the world’s most recognizable brands, Sony continues to rely on 50,000feet for everything from product launches to integrated campaigns, bringing its best-in-class technologies to life. Or more specifically, yours.

2016 Alpha Campaign

A natural evolution of the 2015 Alpha campaign, “The Power of the Moment” takes mirrorless to new heights through an integrated campaign that brings the strength of the technology and the power of imagination to life.

2016 Alpha Campaign

By putting Sony Alpha cameras in the hands of professional photographers, we see how Sony’s exclusive technology can capture authentic moments by delivering the power, strength and speed that have become synonymous with the brand.

2015 Alpha Campaign

In every era, there are the alphas—the leaders, the mavericks, the men and women who carry themselves with quiet power. To help the Sony Alpha series of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras face off against incumbents Canon and Nikon, we developed the “Raw Power” campaign. With a target audience more than 80% male, we leveraged aggressive, masculine imagery to viscerally communicate the technological processing and imaging power of the cameras themselves.

2014 Holiday Campaign

Our third national holiday campaign for Sony, “It’s Perfect” explores the excitement and anticipation of gift giving—where a gift is not a formality but an opportunity to create a truly unforgettable moment.

2014 Holiday Campaign

With a telltale ribbon and handwritten text woven throughout, the campaign allows us to put the beautiful form factor of the products center stage while infusing the perfect amount of whimsy.

2013 Holiday Campaign

Tapping into the wonder and quiet romance of the holiday season, this national campaign sought to strengthen Sony’s position as a luxury brand—standing out as a port of calm amidst a sea of competing brands.

2013 Holiday Campaign

From lookbooks to in-store retail environments, our work touched virtually every point-of-contact for consumers. Crisp and open, the creative gave the products a truly singular feel.

a7R Campaign

The first entry in what would become Sony’s legendary series of professional mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, the Alpha 7R needed a bold, arresting launch campaign—one that immediately stood out from the typical look favored by Canon and Nikon.

a7R Campaign

Featuring only black-and-white photography, the campaign evoked the imagery of classic, mid-century Leica rangefinder work—the kind of shots that today’s professional photographers and enthusiasts would’ve grown up admiring.

2012 Holiday Campaign

Here, we invite consumers to find gifts that everyone will love to give—and love to get. This campaign delivers a unifying platform that brings the consumer retail experience together—across channels and media—and invites consumers to fall in love with Sony, all over again.

2012 Holiday Campaign

50,000feet partnered with Sony to develop the creative strategy that informed the concept and execution of the “Love to Give” campaign across print, web, mobile and retail. In the spirit of the season, the campaign helps consumers find perfect gifts that will help bring the holidays to life.

Premium Home

Colors bloom. Pixels vanish. And the line between dream and reality grows thin. From speakers made of hand-hewn Scandinavian birch to theater-quality 4K projectors, Sony’s line of premium home audiovisual products demanded creative of an equally high caliber.

Premium Home

Reflecting the power that sensory experiences have to transport us, this campaign draws on imagery from far-off and exciting places—be it the concert hall, the amphitheater or the private listening party.

Hi-res Audio

In a campaign targeted at audiophiles, music enthusiasts and (by extension) retailers, we featured Sony’s hi-res audio technology alongside new hi-res albums—timing the ads to drop when the albums did. With print and digital spots headlined by artists like Sting and John Mayer, we helped Sony tell its story of superior sound and land its products on more shelves.

2014 Spring Toolkit

New year, new season, new challenges—one of which is keeping a brand experience fresh yet familiar. From campaign strategy to visual and messaging guidance to a series of creative applications across print, digital and retail, this toolkit helped ensure that Sony could transition its look and feel seamlessly across channels, all year long.

2014 Evergreen Toolkit

Our third evergreen toolkit in as many years, the 2014 edition took the product-focused visuals a step further—meanwhile turning up the luxury lifestyle angle with photography of high-end interiors.

2013 Evergreen Toolkit

This toolkit established the form-factor-led visuals that would influence Sony campaigns for years to come—balancing lifestyle photography with ample amounts of luxurious negative space.

2012 Evergreen Toolkit

For our first-ever collaboration with Sony, we developed a 2012 campaign toolkit for use across business lines. Covering everything from retail environments to digital, the design system established here laid the foundation for our national holiday campaign “Love To Give”.

Concierge Program Rebrand

To herald the launch of Sony’s VIP services program, we gave Sony Concierge a white-glove look across every consumer channel and touchpoint. From a brand identity kit—complete with logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes—to a design guide that helps Concierge stand out while feeling appropriately in-category, our work speaks to a clientele accustomed to an unrivaled caliber of access and experience.