SRAM X01 DH Campaign

Downhill (DH) riders want rock-solid components created for durability—and that’s what SRAM’s X01 DH delivers. 50,000feet teamed up with SRAM to develop an integrated campaign introducing this tough, smart and impeccably designed product line. From product positioning to a cross-media design framework, it’s a campaign built for broad impact.

SRAM 1X Technology Video Series

While the elite racing industry was still debating the merits of 2- vs. 3-ring drivetrains, SRAM made a bold leap that changed everything: the 1X single-ring drivetrain. Packed with unique, minute-shaving innovations, it demanded in-depth technology discussions—but without losing the excitement of race day. Through scriptwriting and motion design, 50,000feet helped SRAM bring the 1X story to life.

SRAM MTB Wheels Campaign

SRAM’s family of wheels features three heavyweights—ROAM, RISE and RAIL—each carefully balanced to maximize weight, inertia, engagement, stiffness and durability. This relentless pursuit of balance drives SRAM wheels. 50,000feet provided content, design and art direction for an ad campaign that takes the story of balance to riders.

SRAM XX1 Campaign

SRAM’s XX1 drivetrain represented the ultimate in professional-level XC mountain biking performance: lightweight and fast yet durable enough for race day.

SRAM XX1 Campaign

Much of the XX1 campaign was dedicated to unpacking the underlying 1X design philosophy. As such, our work included developing naming for core technologies—as well as broadcast, print and sales collateral.

SRAM Grip Shift Campaign

In 1990, the original Grip Shift changed the sport of mountain biking, putting the component manufacturer that would become SRAM on the map. To promote the Grip Shift’s latest incarnation, we developed a launch campaign featuring Jaroslav Kulhavy—the first athlete to win the XC World Championship title using it.

SRAM Grip Shift Campaign Extension

Diving deeper into the technology story behind the new Grip Shift, the campaign’s sales collateral balanced race-day footage with detailed CAD renderings, helping illustrate the very real technical advantages the updated products delivers.