T. Rowe Price

The Search for Yield Video Series

In investing, there are few simple answers—and even fewer in times of volatility. At its best, the search for insight is a conversation, a back and forth exchange of data and ideas. Targeting investment advisors concerned about the lack of risk-adjusted opportunities in fixed income, this video allows T. Rowe Price specialists to shed encouraging new light on the topic.

Campaign Website

Traffic generated by the “Where The Conversation Begins” campaign’s print and digital advertising ultimately drove to a dedicated microsite. Developed by 50,000feet’s interactive team, its dynamic content management system allowed for turn-key uploading of video and blog posts while its flexible design layouts simplified the creation of new pages—even in the mobile format.

Print Advertising

Featured in MorningstarAdvisor magazine, these single, full-page ads helped raise awareness for the potentially attractive risk-adjusted returns offered by T. Rowe Price’s new family of fixed-income funds.

Digital Advertising

Appearing on Morningstar.com and InvestmentNews.com, these animated banner ads included embedded clips from the main campaign video series—drawing viewers in with its conversational tone and stirring visuals.

Campaign Guidelines

Having created the core campaign’s theme, messaging and visual identity, 50,000feet then made a guide to help T. Rowe Price’s internal marketing teams develop additional activations on their own.