Voyant Beauty

Manufacturing + Luxury

Bring beauty to the world with solutions driven by innovation.

Voyant Beauty partnered with 50,000feet to create a cohesive, comprehensive global brand identity that integrates three established contract manufacturing companies into a single brand. The new brand represents a significant evolution for the company, staking claim to a bold new vision for the beauty industry—integrated, innovative and responsive to the ever-changing needs of Voyant customers and end consumers.

Bridging style and substance is important for a company like Voyant Beauty, which operates in an industry often perceived as only skin-deep. 50,000feet developed a brand identity system that combines multiple elements, textures and influences to create a richer, fuller-bodied narrative. We wanted to pay homage to one of the founding companies, Vee Pak, with a name beginning with the letter V, which we kept lowercase to reinforce the brand’s strength as a behind-the-scenes partner to both the biggest and most disruptive beauty companies operating today. The identity has a sophisticated and ownable look and feel, featuring just one small, simple embellishment—a triangle symbolizing upward movement and change.

As living, breathing things, brands both old and new need guidelines in order for all of the stakeholders to maintain the highest brand fidelity through consistent expression across applications. The power of the three companies operationally and in value proposition comes through in the strategic visual and verbal positioning of Voyant Beauty. The guidelines offer dos and don’ts that position the company as ahead of the curve while affirming the brand’s world-class stature.

Facilities Guideline

50,000feet also created a guideline for implementing the brand identity at scale, featuring wall-sized installations of graphical elements as well as showing how brand language can be used to align and inspire teams across various locations.

Having a name that represents the brand’s comprehensive go-to-market offering helps Voyant strengthen and grow relationships, as do compelling marketing communications across channels and media. 50k created a brochure that acts as an in-person sales tool as well as a leave behind, appealing to brand-conscious companies that are changing the face of beauty. Custom photography shot by Charlie Simokaitis demonstrates how the company’s facilities and their people deliver solutions driven by innovation.

Sales Enablement

50k leveraged a foundational marketing framework to develop a templated toolkit for use in a range of new business scenarios. Voyant’s sales enablement materials help the team uphold the brand while creating fully customizable presentations.

As one company, Voyant Beauty needed to tell the story of its evolution from Vee Pak, CEI and Aware Products LA. The website, along with targeted launch e-mails, was the world’s first look at the new brand, highlighting the meaning behind the new name, what makes Voyant different and the breadth of the company’s combined operations and capabilities as well as the how and the why behind what they do.